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  • Benefits of SEO
  • How SEO Works
  • How will my Website Benefit from SEO

Benefits of Refreshed SEO Services

  • Increase the number of website visits from targeted searchers
  • Attract visitors from all major search engines: Google, Yahoo! and MSN, from your one campaign investment
  • Don't pay per click - instead invest in a well built website with focused and optimized copy, and build links from other established websites and articles
  • Long term benefit - when you add new content in the future, e.g. news stories, those pages are found by the search engines and gain new entries in the listings for no extra cost
  • Online brand recognition - achieving high search positions is a well respected achievement, and being seen on page 1 places you as an industry leader

SEO really comes down to being cost effective. Spending on a highly functional website won't do a company much good if it does not receive visitors to it. The bottom line remains that the success of an online business is determined largely by the amount of sales/conversions that it gets.

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Tell the Search Engines what you want them to see

The key to a successful and focused SEO campaign is undoubtedly making the search engines aware of what you want them to crawl on your website. Whether it be entire directories or external links there are ways and means of keeping the power circulating, this is done by robots.txt files,
SEO is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing. Building a website secures your business an online presence but Search Engine Optimization ensures that customers are given the opportunity to find that business.
SEO gives your business the opportunity to compete in local and international markets twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Competition in Google, Yahoo! and MSN has never been hotter. Our SEO services are the perfect blend of technical knowledge and marketplace research to get you the highest possible search engine position.
Without a ranking in the search results, your company is invisible online. It’s proven that people are much more likely to click and visit a site at the top of the search rankings than one much lower down. Think back to the last time you searched for something online, what link did you click first?

How will my Website benefit from SEO

Any site that follows these basic principles will do justice to your organisation and the service at hand, and once this is in place your website will start to rank for more competitive keywords and ranking. Eclypse understands that in the end, it all comes down to the man behind the machine. Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool for Internet marketing, and when harnessed correctly - can see website traffic and conversions multiply providing excellent return on investment. SEO can effectively translate into increased profitability for your business by increasing the traffic to your website.

Below are a few of the Websites that we have Search Engine Optimized

Forefront Property  Forest Friends Photography



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